SA India Relations

History of Relations

The declaration by India on 23 October 1992 that cultural relations between South Africa and India should be entered into, can be interpreted as the first step towards the normalisation of relations between the two countries. Mr Harsh Bhasin, a senior career diplomat, arrived in South Africa on 30 May 1993 as the Director of the Indian Cultural Centre in Johannesburg. The South African Mission in New Delhi started functioning on 1 November 1993. On 22 November 1993, South Africa and India signed an agreement establishing full diplomatic relations.

State and Official Visits / Bilateral Meetings

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Bilateral Agreements

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Trade Info

The most important products exported to India are gold and silver, coal and briquettes, iron and steel, inorganic and organic chemicals, electrical goods, non-ferrous metals, crude fertiliser, pulp and waste paper and petroleum crude. South Africa’s imports from India are dominated by cotton yarn, finished leather goods, machinery and instruments, handmade yarn fabrics, chemicals, spices, rice, handicrafts and handmade carpets.

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